Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Change of Heart

Those days when I had yet to grow old
I was warned of your world
With plots and dark hearts
Warped minds, spirits sold

I met you with concern
Much was at risk
I feared who you were
Would steal all I’d learned

I feared the great cost
And wished to pass by
To not muddle in your mud
But tip toe across 
I thought you were viral
Infectious and catching
I had to wash away
From your downward spiral

You outstretched your hand
As I ran into the ground
You were indiscriminate
You were gentle and kind

What played with my head
Was I saw Jesus in you
But you don’t
You just have you instead

What once was bold drew dim and faint
I didn’t see what you have
I saw what you didn’t
I was the sinner and you were the saint

I now see more of why He cares
He reached in to this pit
Because you are in there

I wish to thank you for helping me see
For giving me more sight
For showing me his heart
But I know it won't translate so easily

So I'll just pray
That you'll meet Him one day
I'll take your hand, like you did today
"A life for a life" I'll say

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