Monday, 27 August 2012


I grope in the dark.
Should it not be hope?
I am parked.
Nakedly stark.
Stripped of any creativity or craft.
Should I not be driven and dreaming and young?
In pursuit of the meaning of life for my part.
How can I finish what I cannot start?

Crumbling around are my walls of ideas
Hopes eaten by fears.
Only tears.
I wish for a spark to speak and to heal
To break the barricades and start turning the wheel
What is blocking the exit from this trench in the ground?
Where is the ladder found?
Unlock my heels from the ground.
Open my ears to hear sound
Unmute my mouth
Let me head southward from this strain
To even feel pain would be gain

Away with the wash of a surface unbroken
Peel off the seal
Speak words once unspoken
Remove the stipulation
Change my position-less station
Let me vacation from this wretched equation.
I have stopped and I hoped that would help
But I need more help
Please help
An aid, a guide, somebody by my side?
A voice, a choice, a door opened wide…
This moment of this life is sat to one side
With no pride
No pride.

I once thought it’s all consequence
All worries and lies
Let us hope, for us both I’m not right.

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